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I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.

— Abraham Lincoln

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MFA Investigation Makes it to CNN & Affects Beef Futures Prices

CNN aired a 10-minute segment on the recent MFA investigation that uncovered grizzly abuse at a Texas Cattle Ranch.

Great coverage, because:

  • It omits the most graphic scenes that would make people turn the channel (so this is the video to share with folks you want to inform, but not overwhelm).
  • Features the investigator who shot the footage
  • Touches on the legislation proposed in several states to outlaw this type of undercover filming of factory farm abuse

ALSO: The WSJ has reported that this investigation "pressured live-cattle futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange," causing them to drop "1.3% [...] after the contract hit a two-week high earlier in the trading day." Informing the public DOES make a difference. Spread the word, and don't let people turn a blind eye.